5 Steps to a Growth-Centered Website Management Strategy

Guest post by Carla Lopez, boomerbiz.org

Perhaps you don’t get much traffic to your business website, and it’s been a year or two since you even updated it. In fact, sometimes you might wonder if paying for your own domain is even a worthwhile investment. But with the help of a web design agency like The Webs We Weave, you can turn your website into a top-notch digital destination for your customers. If you’re ready to revisit your website management strategy, here are a few suggestions you may want to implement.

Install a Payment App

If you are working to turn your website into an eCommerce shop, you’ll need to make sure that your site can easily facilitate payments. It’s time to research convenient payment tools that you can install on your website and your mobile app if you’ll be launching one. The right tool will also allow your customers to avoid pricey credit card fees. Furthermore, with a financial API bank account balance tool, your customers will not end up being overdrawn.

Implement User-Friendly Design

You don’t want your customers to get confused by your site’s layout! When it comes to your site’s visual design, you want to make sure that the color scheme and graphics suit your brand. You also need to test drive any new features or layout changes to ensure that it’s easy for users to find all of the crucial information.

If you need a little inspiration, you can brush up on the current trends in web design. For instance, Crowdspring states that micro-animations, inspirational illustrations, apps that facilitate micro-interactions, and minimalist color schemes have all become quite popular. You may want to incorporate some of these elements on your own site!

Boost Loading Speeds

If your web pages load slowly, your customers are bound to get frustrated – and they might visit the site of one of your competitors instead. To avoid losing business, for this reason, you’ll want to check your website’s loading speed and take steps to eliminate delays, including optimizing your fonts and images. Large images that are improperly sized can drastically slow down your loading speed.

Integrate Your CRM and ERP

Your customer relationship management software helps you keep track of your many leads and customer interactions, while you use your enterprise resource planning software to handle workflows and operations throughout your organization. Integrating these crucial systems and linking them with your website is the key to streamlining your many business processes. Trying to track down information that is stored across different software programs can slow you down – and it could also leave certain employees without access to key details when they need them.

Focus on Content Marketing

Ultimately, your website is a great vehicle for content marketing. You can utilize your blog to share articles about your business or other subjects that your customers would be interested in. By linking your website to your social media platforms, you’ll be able to share new content quickly and easily without posting it to each individual platform. Social Media Examiner recommends including visible social media buttons to direct customers to your accounts, setting up a visual feed so that you can showcase your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts directly on your website, and even adding share buttons so that your visitors can post your content to their own feeds with one click.

Managing your business website might seem confusing, especially if you never considered yourself tech-savvy. But optimizing your website can actually be fun once you learn the ropes! With these tips, you’ll be able to redesign your website with growth in mind.

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