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My name is Jeff Lewis and I’m a website designer, web developer, and online strategist.

My motivation behind all that I do to to help you to grow your business. For more than nineteen years I’ve been helping companies build their businesses by improving their online presence.

If you want a unique website that builds trust and confidence so your visitors feel comfortable buying your products or services without being overwhelmed by cliches and sales pitches, I’m your guy.

What are you struggling with?

I can take your old, outdated website and turn it into the 21st-century website you need to compete. You know what they say about first impressions. Is your website mobile-friendly? Easy to navigate? Let’s make your first online impression one that lets visitors know you mean business.

I’ve helped companies like yours improve their online marketing messages and calls-to-action. A pretty website is great, but getting your visitors to take action by contacting you with a phone call, email, or form submission is the whole purpose, right?

I will take over when your original web designer goes missing in action. You need updates to your website. Your website is not being properly backed-up or maintained and your web designer can’t be found or is no longer interested in supporting you. I can help.

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