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Our Custom Website Design Standards…

Quite Simple

Design functional custom websites that are visually pleasing, noticed by the search engines and loved by our clients.

Our specific custom website design requirements include four simple but often overlooked objectives:

  1. Be easy to use
  2. Be easy to find
  3. Be easy to update
  4. Be responsive to all size monitors, including mobile

Be Easy to Use – Usability

A custom website design that confuses your visitors is of no value. Navigation must link to the information the visitor expects to find. It must be intuitive. In website design parlance we call this “usability.” It includes:

  • Placement and prominence of the proper elements
  • Navigation design as well as the choice of words used
  • Integration of features

When properly designed, your website visitors know where to go and what to expect when they arrive. It’s easy for them to determine what you do, how you do it and most importantly, how it will benefit them.
Being Easy to Find – Search Engine Optimization

It’s much easier to build a custom website designed to be search engine friendly than to retrofit an existing website after the fact. There are always compromises that must be made between form and function. However, keeping SEO in mind when designing a website will often result in thousands of more visitors over a period of time.

How do we do that?

  • Navigation – We use text-based links whenever possible rather than image-based buttons.
  • Formatting – We use very targeted page headings, captions, bullet lists, and internal links.
  • Search Engine Optimized Text – We make sure to include areas on the page or in the footer for keyword-optimized text.

Be Easy to Update

A great custom website design becomes average over time unless the content is kept current and up to date. We build most of our website using a content management tool (CMS). That makes it easy for our clients to update content themselves quickly and easily whenever the need arises. This also reduced the cost of ownership by not having to hire a developer to make updates to the website on a regular basis.

Be Responsive

In today’s world, your website must look good and be easy to use no matter the device being used to view it. Whether your visitors are viewing your site on a large desktop monitor, a tablet or a mobile phone, they must be able to navigate the site and be pleased with the experience your website delivers. Today, we build all websites with responsive design as a “must-have.”

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