Why Do WordPress Websites Need Regular Backups?

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Although most every website hosting company recommends regular backups of your website files and database, most site owners rarely have recent backups to restore their site in an emergency. Many assume the hosting company makes backups, but they are mostly for their own disaster recovery, not yours.

If your website is important to your business, you need regular, automatic backups of all files and databases. You also need a way to restore your website from the backup files easily and quickly should a catastrophe occur. Ideally, these backup files should be stored somewhere other than the server that hosts your website, just in case the server goes down.

A proper backup should meet the following criteria:

  • Backups should be performed as frequently as possible.
  • Backups should be done automatically, with no human involvement. If you have to depend on remembering to do it, you’re sure to have a problem on the one day you forget or run out of time.
  • All website files, including uploads, themes, plugins and databases must be included.
  • Backups should never be saved on the same server as the website.
  • Backups must be easily retrievable and accessible at all times, 24/7/365.
  • Restoring files, databases or the entire website to the same server or even a new server should be able to be accomplished quickly and easily.

If your WordPress website is hosted with us or you’ve hired us to manage your website, no need to worry, we do all of this for you.

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