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We have helped hundreds of businesses turn a profit by telling their stories online with world-class website design.
Small Business Websites

Form & Function

As they say, form follows function. But there is no need to sacrifice beautiful form to get great function. We do it all the time.

Visitors & search engines

Looks beautiful to your site visitors with intuitive navigation and clear calls-to-action while at the same time being easy for search engines to index.

Responsive design

Modern website design adapts perfectly to all screen sizes, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop monitors.

Small business websites built around your personal taste

If you have the idea...I have the know-how

If you build it, will they come? In today’s digital world, a professional website is mandatory. Whether you are a business-to-business company or a business-to-consumer company, if you’re not found on the Internet, you are at an extreme disadvantage.

Your website needs to stand out from the competition to get noticed. It’s often your prospect’s first impression of you and your business.

Let’s do it right!

Who am I?

My name is Jeff Lewis I am a website designer/developer passionate about making websites work for businesses of all kinds. I have been doing this since 2001, so I’m not new to the party.

I come to web design with a background in marketing so I know how to get a visitors interest and lead him or her to take the steps most important to my clients. Sometimes that’s buying a product, but it could be subscribing to a mailing list, completing an online form or making a phone call.

Whatever drives your business, I’m here to help.

What do I do?

Each project is a unique adventure with goals to be met, hurdles to overcome and solutions to devise. It’s kind of like putting together a puzzle where the end result is the measurable success of the website and consequently the business behind it.

I work directly with business owners, stakeholders, subject matter experts, graphic artists, copywriters, and other decision makers.

The bottom line is I help make businesses more successful.

Why hire me?

I build custom-designed websites at competitive rates. No cookie-cutter template sites that lock you into an inflexible format. Your site will be one-of-a-kind build with best-practices on the WordPress framework.

I do everything from design, development, hosting and email. I can take care of it all or just the parts you need assistance with.

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Have your company stand out with an exceptional website custom-designed for you. No cookie-cutter websites from an off-the-shelf theme.

We use WordPress exclusively as the framework for all our website designs.  That means you can rest assured it can always be updated as trends change.

Sell your products and services online, collect payments and have them automatically deposited into your bank account.

You take care of your business and let us take care of your website. Always backed up, always up-to-date and always secure!

Have your website hosted on the fastest, most secure managed WordPress hosting platform on the planet. 

Proudly serving the communities of Wauconda, Palatine, Barrington, North Chicago and the northern and greater Chicago metro area, the state of IL, United States.

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